My obsessive crush on my Best friend

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    Penguins10 / Oct 18 2019 18.21

    Hi, I have had a crush one of my close friends for what it coming up to its 3rd year. I am definite about my feelings for them but I don't know if they like me back. They do show a few signs that they like me.

    The main problem I have is I want to tell them but there are many reasons why it is almost impossible to:

    A- They are the same-gender as me. I have not come out yet and I am not ready to so telling them as it could have the potential for people to assume or find out my sexuality which I am not ready for yet.

    B- They do not know their own sexuality and have said in the past (a few years ago) they are not ready for a relationship.

    C- They have actually been in a relationship recently which they have come out of and have had to deal with a lot of drama recently. I do not want to add to their stress.

    D- We are good friends. They probually would still remain friends but I am just scared that things would be awkward if I did tell them.

    E- We are only young. This kinda ties in with B. We are also in school

    They do show signs of interest but I can never be sure un til I tell them however as listed above there are reasons why it is hard for me. I am also scared that if they are interested in me they will move on and loose interest or we will leave school and seperate paths.

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    mermee2 / Oct 20 2019 10.04

    don't worry you can be brave but if you are not ready wait a little longer there is no rush.the same gender dose not matter really but is awkward at school. trust me i know that.

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    mermee2 / Oct 20 2019 12.33

    also believe in your self

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    Penguins10 / Oct 20 2019 21.42


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    mermee2 / Oct 26 2019 17.29

    no problem any time!


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