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    ehow2003 / Oct 18 2019 13.47

    hi, im just curious, how does first time sex feel? i’ve heared different experiences. some people say its really uncomfortable and they had to stop but then some people say it was really enjoyable. my cherry has already been popped from being fingered so would that mean it isnt going to hurt? what was anyone else first time experience? thank you. elle x

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    -Connor / Oct 19 2019 20.34

    Dear Elle,

    Well done for reaching out - you are most definitely correct in saying that it differs for everyone. Do not let your first experience, nor anyone else, give you a bad perception of sex.

    Remember everyone is different - Click for more information

    There’s no right or wrong way to have sex. Sometimes having sex for the first time can be painful and it’s important to communicate with each other about what you feel comfortable with – it’s different for everyone.

    I hope the above has offered you some limited reassurance. I wish you the best.

    Best regards,


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    P1xelT1ger / Oct 21 2019 1.36

    as every one else said it depends on you but if you want to here experience: my first time was when i was 13(dont look at me weird) It was a bit painful but good at first but it got better. At first i couldnt so i asked to stop and after a break continued but thats just my experience🙂

    Tips that you should know

    if its painful dont force it because that could actually damage down there and you shouldnt be embarassed to ask for a break or just to stop

    This might sound dumb but make sure whoever you are about to do it with knows its your first time and that you might need them to stop or go slow

    I know everybody says this but as someone who does this behind their parents back i have to say in the words of my big cuz be safe unless you are ready to explain yourself to your parents”�😉😅

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    Louise-el- / Oct 21 2019 22.59

    honestly just relax, thats the main thing because if you are worried and anxious your body will tense up and it will stay painful whereas if your calm and relaxed it hurts a little going in but after its fine. just being straight up lol i wish someone was with me😂x


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