How do I go back to being just friends?

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    Temporary20048639 / Oct 16 2019 23.13

    My boyfriend and I have been official just over 3 months, we don’t go to the same school but we’ve known each other since a young age through sport and he said he had feelings for me around 4 months ago, even since we’ve got on really well but never seemed like a proper couple we just always have had a really good laugh together and that’s the most that has happened in 3 months. I think i’ve realised i’m not in love with him but the way he makes me feel, he seems to really care about me which makes me feel so appreciated which I don’t normally get from other people, so i think i mistaked that for love. I don’t know how to tell him that maybe we should just be friends. He has extremely bad depression and has said before he doesn’t know what he would do without me. I just don’t want to string him along and waste either of our time when we could both be happier. But I don’t want him to feel unwanted or unloved by me as he is already in a bad position emotionally.

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    PickingUpPieces / Oct 20 2019 17.37

    Hi there,

    This sounds like a tough situation. How would you feel about talking to him about it? If you think he would understand, then it might be better to get it out in the open. Or write him a letter or email if you don't think you're ready to tell him face-to-face?

    Talking to a trusted friend or Childline counsellor about this might help too, if you haven't already?

    Best of luck, and take care <3

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    P1xelT1ger / Oct 21 2019 2.09

    If you dont feel up to a face to face writing it down could be best🙂just tell him that you love him and apreciate him alot but only as a friend and that you will always be there for him as a friend you should also say your conflicted feelings too like how you are worried you will upset him and how you are worried you might lose his friendship😨😁😇

    hope it goes well😁😘♥️


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