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    ehow2003 / Oct 14 2019 16.04

    hi, me and my boyfriend are both sexually active. however, in under a months time i turn 16 and he will still be 15 and he won’t be 16 for another 5 months. in them 5 months will we still be able to have sex or could i get in trouble for it? we have been together for over a year so we both trust each other. thank you x

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    confused-human1 / Oct 14 2019 17.45

    Its still illegal until he turns 16,Try doing other things like handjobs and fingering maybe x

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    KingCylinder24 / Oct 15 2019 0.35

    It’s illegal regardless. Until he’s sixteen you’ve gotta wait, soz xx

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    Last-hope / Oct 17 2019 22.12

    Hello, me and my girlfriend faced the same situation last year. When she turned 16 it was another 7 months before i turned 16. What we did was still have sex because we both consented and as long as no one knew what we were doing then we didnt see the problem. It was illegal but i do think the police would not prosecute if they found out you guys have had sex so many times before. But in the eyes of the law you should wait


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