Eating Disorders

  1. Fixer
    Blueberrymuffinsgirl2105 / Oct 12 2019 20.46

    For the past 2 years of my life i have been on an emotional journey. It all started when 2 words changed my whole life. “Fat Slag'. When an boy at school said that to me i brushed it off and hit him back with a comeback to save myself. But i was breaking on the inside. i began obsessing over my weight and my body. i would look in the mirror and think that i look hideous. I try starving myself in hope i wont gain weight. i would do this for days until finally i have to eat something because i get pain in my stomach.

    thankyou for reading 🌷🌺

  2. Sweets
    Tanglelover / Nov 02 2019 9.39

    Hi I'm fat and people say things to me . Don't worry about what others say


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