1. Sweets
    Tanglelover / Oct 11 2019 2.55

    what do i do?? nobody answers!!

  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Oct 11 2019 15.44

    Hi Glitterowlie-Windstorm,

    We know posting and having to wait for a reply can be really hard to do. It can sometimes take a bit of time and for different reasons. There can be quieter times on the boards and others maybe have different things in their lives that mean they can't help out as much as they'd like. And the boards are a big place too, so sometimes, it takes a little while for someone to read what you're posted.

    I've had a look and I can see that you've had a reply today to one of your posts - have you had the chance to read it? We hope that it helps and to let you know that the others will answer. And if there are others, it's always ok to let us know!

    We'd love for you all though to share what you think might help to answer posts - is it about having even a hi, i've read your message or do some of you not reply as you maybe don't know what to say (and that's always ok!). What things can help while waiting for a reply too?

    Take care,


  3. Sweets
    Tanglelover / Oct 13 2019 16.36

    Hi Jas

    i did see the reply to my post now


  4. Small
    Flick2468 / Oct 15 2019 20.04

    i find it all a bit much to look through all the boards and i mostly just read them because i feel too shy to post sometimes! 

    I think it might help though if on the main message board page it showed you if there were messages you hadn't read yet in each topic? not sure if that's possible or if anyone else would find it possible, just thought I'd put it out there!



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