Brexit debate (kinda?)

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    Robbie-the-Egg / Oct 10 2019 23.05

    Soooo yknow there's Brexit, with the UK leaving the EU and stuff.. Well am I the only one who thinks that the people that are now the legal age of voting (because it has been 3 years of this mess) should get some kind of say in this? Also what would happen if there is no deal? Would stuff become more expensive or something?

    (sorry for all the questions)

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    Lockstar / Oct 11 2019 12.19

    It's really good that you are taking an interest in our politics, Robreenennnn.

    Firstly, I agree with what you are saying. The Houses of Parliament are very unrepresentative and will lack certain groups of people, including young people - male and female. This appears unrepresentative to me as we are the generation that is going to be most impacted by a possible no-deal ( I can explain more about this in the next paragraph). Other groups which aren't properly represented are women - there are far fewer women in the Houses - and those of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), which are people of non-white descent.

    If we don't get a Brexit deal before the 31st of October, the affects could be disastrous. We lose freedom of movement, tax-free trade, relations with other countries and global status. The EU also accounts for 53% of imports and 44% of exports of goods in the UK. This means that we will have to find other countries to trade with upon leaving. One of our only options is the USA, headed by President Trump. We will be completely at their mercy and will likely have to accept any proposition. We may even have to use the NHS to negotiate, which is not favourable.

    So yes, you are right in saying that things will become more expensive, and this will likely be due to significantly lower imports and exports. And don't worry about asking questions, you have the right to know the impacts of the country's decisions. Even if we get a good Brexit deal, it will still be worse than the deal we currently have with the EU, but it is your choice in terms of whether you support leaving or remaining. The one fact that united us is that no-one voted for a no-deal Brexit.

    I hope this helped. Feel free to add anything or ask a question about what I've posted.

    Take care,



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