knife crime again sorry

  1. Fixer
    kiwime / Oct 07 2019 22.00

    every day that goes past i feel increasingly more bad about knife crime (in london) because i know some redacted info and even though i know the crimes go out past the gangs i know it feels like every stabbing in london is my fault even though im not actually in any gangs, i just know who in my classes are part of said gangs,, and it feels like i personally could've prevented all the stabbings and crime regarding it even if i couldnt and i dont know how to cope with this and its a really heavy burden to carry

  2. Childline Avatar
    Marvelcomics / Oct 08 2019 19.54


    i understand your fear because i live in North London and it is very close to where the stabbings happen.but you need to remember that none of it is your fault

    there are going to be bad people and the only thing that you can do is change it

    ~ Edith


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