1. Childline Avatar
    imalwayshappy04 / Oct 07 2019 11.12

    Hi my names taylor I’m 15 and for a long time now I’ve been trying to gain weight now that I’m starting to look bigger I need advice on how to disguise/ make my size less visible I know this might sound strange to many people who don’t want to gain weight but it’s always been something I want to do has anyone got any suggestions on how to disguise it with clothes and how I should wear my clothes so I don’t appear so big thank you I don’t mean to offend anyone with weight problems just want ways to disguise it and how to wear my clothes clothes so it looks less visible

  2. Flying
    foreverfayeeee / Oct 07 2019 19.53

    Hey I would always say embrace you’re body shape. If you’re happy the way you look you shouldn’t feel pressured to hide that. If you really want to hide it I would suggest baggy T-shirt’s, sweatshirts and like double layers so for example a vest top with a flannel shirt. Hope this helped Lots of love x


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