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    allthegoodnamesaregone / Oct 06 2019 0.52

    this is cool how do i use this

  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Oct 11 2019 16.15

    Hi allthegoodnamesaregone,

    We're glad to have you here as part of the message board community and you can use the boards to post about different things - to ask for advice, support, to talk about the things you like, the things you go through, anything!

    And you do exactly as you've done here - you can start your own threads in different boards you feel best suit what you want to talk about. And you can click "Write a reply" to reply to others. When your message is accepted, you'll get a notification in your locker. And you'll get one too when someone replies. You can also follow threads and you'll see when others reply in them, even if you don't!

    Just ask if you need any help on the boards - I'm Jas and we hosts are here to help!

    See you around!

    Take care,



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