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    tommytomm / Sep 22 2019 11.05

    i. just moved schools to a new school and i live with new oeople now as well and there was an assemberlie in school about childline and the lady said we can go on to talk about whatever even just to chat about your day

    i thought id give it a try today and speaked to julie it wasnt late or nothing 10am and said that i want to talk and she said this isnt the right service for me goodbye take care and didnt even give me a chance to say anything back or what i wanted to talk a bout

    just feel like everyone lets me down and had high hopes but been let down ahain by childline so maybe if we cant just talk they shouldnt say t in schools cuz thats just unfair

  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Oct 04 2019 16.18

    Hi tommytomm,

    We're really sorry that this happened. Tthe lady in the assembly was right - you and any young person in the UK can talk to Childline about anything at all.

    You can always call, chat or email the counsellors and have help and support. And you can keep talking too as well as posting on the boards.

    We hope that you can try again as you are in the right place.

    Take care,



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