how do I help my friend?

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    hakunamatata0919 / Sep 12 2019 23.56

    so recently a close friend of mine - who has depression, anxiety, OCD and an eating disorder - came to me and said that somebody had made an anonymous account on twitter and sent them a message. The message said something along the lines of this:

    Hi, I know you irl and I am 99% sure I have an eating disorder and I think you do to.

    And that was basically it. My friend has been speaking to this person for a few days and has finally gained some trust between them and so she asked her a few questions about her identity, such as:

    - Are you friends with me irl? Not really.

    -Are you friends with any of my friends? Yes.

    -Are you friends with (my name)? Yes we are really close.

    -If I list a few names will you tell me if you're one of them? Maybe. I don't know if I can do this...

    I have shortened all of this so it doesn't take a long time to explain but basically my friend (with my help) worked out who it was. However this person doesn't know that I know about any of this but I am extremely worried.

    I don't know what to do. Has anyone got any advice because I really need some right now. I am worried that both of my friends are in trouble because one of them won't talk to me or anyone else about there problems and the other is already in a really bad place so isn't really in the right frame of mind to help someone.

    I have a few options... I could tell the friend who has only recently realised there problems mum or I could seek advice from a teacher. Basically any advice would be appreciated because what I do now could really damage the well-being of two of my closest friends.

    Thank you and please any advice is appreciated.

  2. Coolcat
    KiwiWhiskers / Sep 23 2019 17.51

    I think that it would be best to tell their parents. Eating disorders are a serious thing and could end up addictive in a way, and even in death.

    Although it might be a bit mire dramatic and all telling the parents first, you have to consider that. You can also tell a teacher to tell their parents. Or ask their parents to go seek help in their GP. this sounds like a tricky situation, so i think it would be best to tell someone who is close to them.

    Childlibe counsellors are very wise in my opinion, so you should ask them to help you too.

    Although this probably made you more confused, i hate it when people get no replies for serious things.

    to sum it up go ask for some ideas from childline, and definitly go tell their parents.


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