cringe attacks

  1. Headphones
    treatpeoplewithkindness / Aug 23 2019 23.12

    basically, i get cringe attacks. all the time. they’re when you randomly remember this really embarrassing or cringey and awkward time and you just kinda.. replay it until it gets worse.

    anywho, i want to avoid anymore moments like them being added to the long list of my cringey moments. any advice?

    usually it happens when i decide to join in by saying something or doing something unnecessary, but i just get too into the moment and bAM — cringe.

  2. Coolcat
    RadioGagaElton / Aug 26 2019 23.03

    Hi. I was just searching through and found this. Sorry, I don’t have any advice but I never knew that anybody else experienced these! I just get them randomly, most of the time when I am just by myself but it can happen anytime. Again, sorry but no advice, I was just glad that I am not the only one and wanted you to know that you are not alone! -Emma x

  3. Scientist
    CoconutChoc / Oct 14 2019 23.03

    My friend, I get those all the time! It ruins your day when you’re minding your own business and then all of a sudden you remember that stupid joke you played on one of the staff at summer camp (my example) and how it ended in tears!

  4. Sheep
    Reinai / Jul 15 2020 23.38

    omg, i had no idea that al l of us here be having these attacks... they appear out of nowhere

    you guys describe this perfectly!

    i sometimes get them straight after i say something its horrible, i dont know whether i should listen to my cringe attacks and try to change something about myself that might be cringey or why these even happen in the first place


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