1. Childline Avatar
    Bluecarrot22 / Aug 20 2019 1.42

    my mum is an alcholic and i dont know how to get her to stop it really annoys me and my sister, i wish she would stop

  2. Childline Avatar
    Lilzrose / Sep 13 2019 19.04

    me too i cant do anything to help her because she wont stop

  3. Coolcat
    AJ0505 / Sep 15 2019 23.00

    same here my parents were fighting tonight because my mum is drunk. when i try to tell her she is addicted she tells me shes not and that im stupid.

  4. Spiralling
    -Maisie- / Sep 21 2019 0.29

    hey all, i was just skimming through this thread and figured i’d leave this reply incase it helps any of you. if any of your parents are abusing alcohol abuse, the most important thing you/someone they know need(s) to do is to get them to recognise that there is a problem and to get them some form of help. i know how hard it can be to reach out and tell somebody that your parents are struggling, but you need to be brave and recognise that it is essential that you talk to someone, be it a teacher, a doctor, a family friend, etc — anyone that you think could help or get through to your parent(s). the next important part is to get them help, whether it’s taking them to the hospital, the doctor’s, a rehabilitation facility (which can be contacted through the help of social services and/or a gp) or an alcoholics anonymous meeting (which occur all around the uk in various places, there is always one that will be local and open to absolutely anyone). this may sound too overwhelming but trust me, taking the first step into getting your parents some help will help you, in turn. in one way or another, their problems will affect you (like my mum’s did tor me) but getting help as soon as possible will alleviate the impact of that by so, so much. any of you reading this are incredibly brave and i just know you can do it — for the sake of your parents, your siblings if you have them and most importantly, yourself. your parent(s) will thank you in the long run and if they do not, just remind yourself that you tried your best and that you did a good thing by admitting that they need help. you are all so amazing and i wish you every ounce of luck and prosperity in the future.


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