Wanting to move out at 17.

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    KiraTheReaper / Aug 19 2019 2.11

    I have recently wanted to move out away from home again, I have already moved out once before and I can say it was the best thing I have personally done. Luckily I had people there to support me but due to certain circumstances that happened I ended up coming back home (I was emotionally blackmailed).

    And now I have finally gathered the courage to tell my parents that I am not happy living here and want to move back out again. However I am very worried about how it is going to go and am quite honestly scared.

    I have everything sorted to where im moving, such as college, accomodation and finances however my parents are strongly against me moving saying that "its in my best interest not to move out" yet not once have they thought about what I wanted to do. They have not even listened to me properly or wanted to have a civil discussion about what has happened.

    So hopefully I will be having a talk with them soon and everything will either go well, or very very badly where I end up being kicked out.

    My advice for people is to do what makes you happy, and its ok to regret decisions you make. After all thats all part of growing up and experiencing life.

    If anyone has any advice or has been in a similar situation comments with advice or how your situation went would be highly appreciated.


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