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  1. Comic
    Chocolatepower54 / Aug 18 2019 16.35

    hi everyone! i was inspired to start this thread after reading the ‘blue umberella’ chat. i thought it could be used for people to discuss how they‘re feeling and talk to others. we could discuss school, our hobbies, our futures and whatever else you want to say!! this is for everyone to use and there is no discrimination on this thread!!

    So im in Year 8 and soon ill be deciding my GCSEs !!!! Im really scared about picking the wrong things and not being able to do my dream job!! i would love to become an actress in films and broadway. has anyone got any advice about how to become one?? 🎬🎭

    I also love to bake and i do gardening!! My favourite musicals are wicked, chicago and matilda!! At the moment i really like the ed sheeran and justin beiber song ‘i dont care’ and ‘bad guy’ by billie eilish. Anybody else??

    Ella x

  2. Scientist
    CoconutChoc / Oct 14 2019 23.08

    Hey Ella! For the drama thing, pick the drama gcse (obviously). I hear it’s got writing elements, as well as actual acting stuff. I think at some point (not sure if this is true) you go to a play in London and take notes on stuff and you go back to school and do something with it. I’d say go for it anyway! Try and get involved with Theater groups in your area (if you can, join stagecoach, they’re really cool).

    I kind of like billie eilish but I prefer artists that are not as mainstream, like Chloe moriondo, and cavetown. I’m in year 9, by the end of this year I’ll be starting my GCSE’s for real!


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