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  1. Prisoner
    GracefulKittens / Aug 11 2019 23.59


    from around the end of last year, me and my parents havent been getting along

    when we have good times, theyre super good! but when theyre not theyre just awful, there are times when all i can think about is moving out when im old enough and i should be enjoying my teenage years not thinking of them ending!

    my dad agrees with everything my mum says! all his opinions are based off of my mums and he just echos everything she says, i cant find the word to describe him, he just makes my blood boil and i absolutely cannot take it

    my mum gets migraines which is OKAY like its not a problem i honestly do not care but she can be snappy which is slightly annoying because she can take things out on me, i feel so so bad for writing this, i can almost feel her eyes looking at what im typing 😹

    all jokes aside, im really struggling at this moment in time and would really appreciate some support, not sympathy just some advice on how to be braver in facing my parents ‘tantrums’ im so sorry that sounds really rude but yeah thats how id describe them sometimes

    thanks so much and have a lovely day!


    F x

  2. Childline Avatar
    Char-12345 / Aug 20 2019 21.37

    hey i understand and relate to everything you are saying, my mum and dad arent together but theyre on and off friends and when they are talking, like now he also echoes everything she says and its super annoying!

    i have panic attacks about certain things from anger and when i get like this honestly just call child line and let out your feelings... also i would recommend speaking to them about your feelings and opening up. tonight i opened up for the first time to childline and it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulder. couldnt recommend it enough xx


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