I’m locked up

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    whydoyouneedtoknow / Aug 05 2019 1.27

    I feel so restricted. It’s like there are chains blocking me out from going a kilometre radius from my house, going to the cinema or shops with friends, going places as a family. My mum says ‘Oh you’re being ungrateful’ and now I have to spend 5 more weeks staying at home, tucked in a corner of my room and doing whatever my parents expect me to do.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do during the summer at home? Thanks,

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    EveDora / Aug 09 2019 1.06

    heyy, I’m eve ur house shouldn’t feel like a prison :( to make your room feel a better place for you print pictures of shows/music artists/ films/books/drawing that you like auto surround yourself with things which make you happy. try telling your mum that you are thankful for everything, but feel restrained with the boundaries she’s putting up hope this helped <3


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