Holiday: to go or not to go??

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    InvisibleGirl39 / Jul 31 2019 14.39

    i haven't been on here for months now but i really need some help with this

    i really dont want to sound spoilt or bratty but im sorry if it comes across that way, im struggling with my personal demons at the moment and my family isnt helping (but i guess they have no idea)

    so i just got back from a 10 day camping trip with my family and i had a good time except for 1 day when i got into a big argument with my parents and my mum said i was ruining the holiday and i told her that i didn't care and wanted to go home

    in about a week, my mum, my sister and me (without my dad this time) are going to visit family abroad and my mum threatened not to take me if i was going to ruin the holiday again

    im actually not that enthusiastic about it so wouldnt mind staying at home with my dad

    plus, there is a film showing in the cinema near me on 1 day only while i would be away so it is my only opportunity to see it, giving me another reason not to go (sorry if that was badly explained)

    the problem is, the plane is booked and paid for, so despite my mum's threats, i don't think she would be very happy if i chose not to come

    also, my family who live there are expecting to see me and i have no reason for not going other than i don't want to

    it seems rude and disrespectful 🤷

    so i really have no idea how to make this decision and i don't have very long

    if i go then im sure i wont hate it, but i am so desperate to see that film that i will probably spend the whole of wednesday crying in my room (its sounds sad but you have no idea how upset i would be)

    any advice appreciated xxxxxxx

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    -leila / Jul 31 2019 20.01

    <div>I think you should go. Even if you fall out with your mum shell be away from your dad so she can't get him to join in . Also you shouldn't let her spoil seeing your family. I'm sure whatever movie you're wanting to watch will eventually be available on a dodgy website if you're desperate . I'm thinking about a similar experience at the moment actually .Me and my mum were going to go see ed Sheeran in August and shes invited my dad. Me and him have a lot of issues and I went to spice girls concert with him and he completely ruined it and sulked. I was thinking about not going but at the end of the day I've been waiting for this for so long so why should I let him ruin it for me? I know it's not too similar to yours but just wanted to give you some perspective xx</div>

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    Temporary67508953 / Aug 01 2019 2.12

    I think you should go unless you definitely dont want to, I think talking to someone about family issues may help as they might be able to resolve a lot

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    InvisibleGirl39 / Aug 20 2019 10.56

    thank you so much for your help xx i really appreciate you taking the time to read this and give me some advice xx i ended up going and had a good time for the most part


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