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    Sunset-glow / Jul 30 2019 23.19

    i feel like no one understands me and i feel isolated from the world like no one will ever truly understand the music i listen to our the things i watch and i feel like i cant deal with it. sometimes i just feel that longing for someone to understand but they never will so help

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    Sisita / Jul 31 2019 15.23

    Maybe it is your outlook that needs to change?

    Those movies and music that you use for entertainment were made because the creators know their audience want them, so I doubt you are the only one who makes those choices. Try to be a little more open-minded and expand your friendships. Keep in mind that everyone is different and not every person you know has to feel the same way about your choices of entertainment as you do. x

    Sisita, female, 15

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    Sunset-glow / Aug 11 2019 21.56

    thanks i understand that everyone doesnt need to like the same stuff as me but its the fact that no one likes it

  4. Outcast
    Drumkitsmusic / Nov 13 2019 10.20

    hi, i feel like im in the same position. so if you want to talk to me im sure we will have a lot in commom. nobody seems to respect the things i like either.


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