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    Temporary12589575 / Jul 28 2019 22.44

    hey Im bee, I am 14 and I love singing and writing poems! I have a special talent of planning parties! I'm going through a lot of family issues at the moment and it feels like I can't esscape. I love helping people so if you need any help I'm always here for you! xxx

  2. Reaching out
    Childline-Host / Jul 29 2019 11.33

    Hello Bee

    Welcome to our lovely message boards, I'm Mel, one of the hosts here. We always love to welcome people who like to help - that's what makes this place so special

    So good to hear about your talents - planning parties sounds like a great skill to have. Writing poems can be an amazing way to express feelings - if you'd ever like to share any of your poems with us, we would love to see them in our creative corner - there's a poetry board and a creative writing board you might find a good place to start.

    We look forward to seeing you around the boards


  3. Spiralling
    --Mittens-the-Cat-- / Jul 31 2019 9.08

    Hi Bee, I'm new too and I also love singing and writing poems! have you posted on the message boards anywhere else? I hope that you have because you seem so nice. was there anything you found particularly helpful on the message boards? I'm so sorry about your family issues - if you ever want to talk about it we might be able to support each other?

    Valentina xx


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