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    Thewolfoverlord / Jul 26 2019 11.16

    hi im ella and im a ……… therian. what is a therian you may ask? well a therian is someone who believes they are non human in mind/spirit. the animal or being can be as simple as a bee or be(e) somthing from another world or something that isnt real. im a polytherian that means i have diffrent therian types. im a wolf and a dragon i have my own pack and i wear tails, ears and collars on a regular basis. bare in mind that we havent got a mental disorder or have gone insane its just who we are. we get bullied alot from being different and wearing tails

    if you want more info ill gladly answer,

    kind regards,

    Ella (the wolf overlord 🐺🐉)

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    Thewolfoverlord / Jul 26 2019 12.16

    im not a dragon therian because its only earthly animals so things like wolves if your something from a dfferent world your fictionkin

  3. Spiralling
    cosmicwolf / Oct 16 2019 22.06

    Hi, my name’s Olly and I’m a therian too! I’m a polytherian though (still questioning my theriotypes). I think one of my theriotypes is either a German Shepard or a Dutch Herder.


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