No freedom whatsoever.

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    Toucan2 / Jul 21 2019 12.06

    Hi Basically I’m technically in year seven after the summer holidays. So, I went to the shop up the road once by myself with my parents permission and when my sister found out she gave my parents a talk about it and said how when she was my age she had no freedom. Everyone in my primary school in year 6 goes out alone and with friends ALL THE TIME. I’m not allowed to do anything. I even have to follow EXACTLY in my sisters footsteps like she said that I’m allowed to go to this place when I’m 14 like she did this place when I’m 16 like her and get an iPhone in year 9 like she did. I’m so annoyed as I want to go out but I can’t without my parents. It seems like everyone else has freedom and can do whatever they want whereas I’m trapped at home only going out with my mum.

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    Otaku-san / Jul 22 2019 18.19



how i feel

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