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  1. Butterfly
    FigureSkater123 / Jul 19 2019 19.59

    Where to start with this. when I was little I moved and my brother moved back, after this when I was about 8 my mum started physically and mentally abusing me. This continued to get worse through the years until I was around 12, I ran out the house after she threatened to kill me and physically attacked me and some people had stopped me and called the police. Soon after I was sent home and my mum said she would kill me if i didn't tell them I was lying, so I did. The abused carried on until we moved back to the place I was born and to my family. Eventually I spoke up (over half a year ago to this day) but nothing has really happened ad currently I am staying with my gran for the holidays until some decision is made but i cant stay here forever. My mum in the past two years started minor neglect towards me. My brother stays with my gran and has since he moved away from us and I found out what happened to me happened to him all those years ago. However he has started screaming at me when my gran is away and threatening to beat me up, smash my computer and get me thrown out of the house. I don't know what to do anymore, I've started to have minor panic attacks too, when he begins shouting. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do as i have another 5 weeks here.


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