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    Lexi-J / Jul 19 2019 8.35

    My family is complicated. Oh so very complicated. My mum and my dad split up in 2011. I visited my dad on the weekends and lived with my mum, my suster and two brothers. My dad then moved away, 180 miles away. Because he had met someone. I visited during the holidays this time. But I started missing him, a lot. So, me being a bratty child who was immatyre, decided I wanted to live with him at the age of 11. I hate that I did this so much, I do. I lived with him through High School and visited my mum on the holidays. He used to drive me back and forth but then we had a small accident and he refused to drive long distances again. So now my mum, who doesnt get much money, had to pay for train tickets. Which was over triple what she was paying my dad for petrol. While I lived with my dad and his partner, I very quickly began hating it. They have major control issues. They had to control every aspect of my life, looking on my devuces etc. I couldn't even have a normal conversation about anything because it would end up in a massive arguement and rant at me. Every single time. And I hated it. They grounded me for 6 months because I was hanging with a friend and changed my location for like 3 seconds. When they found out I was injuring myself, they screamed at me. Think about that, someone who is in a bad place already, being screamed at for it. And yet I stayed. Because I didn't want to be a burden on my mum. This crappy family situation built up for 6 years until March this year when I finally cracked. I cried to my mum on the phone and her and my sister suggested I move back. I quickly decided that was what I was going to do whether my dad let me or not.

    I applied to the sixth form near my mum before even telling my dad. I'm now living with my mum and already, I am so happy


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