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    KnittedBirthdayCake / Jul 19 2019 0.55

    My friend is a younger carer for her older sister, and from what i see, her parents rely on her too much. I can see it affecting her school work and social life, she too tired for small talk and her grade are dropping. Is there anything I can do to support her?

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    Fighting-2-live / Mar 29 2020 17.06


    first if all, you are amazing to have gone out of your way just to support your friend.

    i was a young carer and that kind of thing also affected me.

    some things i’m sure she’d appreciate are:

    helping her with her work-if you can see she is struggling to understand something then you can try to explain it to her and help her understand

    if she is unable to complete stuff at home- you could invite her round and you could do some homework together. you can also catch up on any school work she hasnt completed and help her understand it

    sleepover- i know this may seem really stupid but she’ll be able to get out of the stress of being a young carer, she has an opportunity to have a decent nights sleep and you can chat and relax together

    be there for her- this may seem basic but it is one of the things that we appreciate more than people seem to realise sometime. make sure that she knows she can come to you for support and that you will help her as much as you can.

    check up on her- ask her how she‘s feeling and help her if she’s not. she may say she is when it is clear that she’s not but dont push it otherwise she may feel pressured but reassure her that she can tell you if she’s not

    if i think of anymore i’ll let you know but you are so amazing to have done this for her already and even to just stick by her during this is amazing- you may be surprised the amount of people who cant be bothered to help a friend through a tough time especially if she is struggling to engage in simple conversation like many people in this situation do.

    she is very lucky to have a friend like you

    -Sammy x


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