I have a Mirror Sibling - PLEASE HELP ME

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    Photobomb31 / Jul 18 2019 11.07

    So. My sister is 10. I am 13. I have had my hair short all my life. She has had hers long, but 2 years ago, she cut her hair, to the EXACTLY the same style as mine. My mum thought it was really really sweeet. I was just plain annoyed.

    Me and my sister don't get on, so I always try make myself different in ways of clubs, sports, interests, hair. But I feel like everything I am good at or interested in, is like stolen from me because my sister COPIES me. started reading these murder books and buying merchandise from the book, 2 weeks later my sister is doing the same. I took up cycling, 3 months later, she is also in the cycling club, I try photography - My sister copies. I make a scrapbook, so does she.

    Someone please help me! Because my parents will not listen!!!

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    arifa286 / Jul 23 2019 22.35

    ahh that must be very frustrating,, the first step would be to talk to your sister and jus tell her how its making you feel and then continue from there x

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    SimpleDimple / Jul 29 2019 14.16

    I feel like your sister wants to be just like you. After all, you are older than her. Does she follow you a lot, especially in public places? If so, she really does love you with all her might. But you two are different. She needs to understand that. Make sure you don't lash out and physically hurt her - remain calm. Ignore her for a bit and if she continues copying you, speak to people you trust.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Photobomb31 / Aug 08 2019 11.22

    Hi. yeah, my sister does follow me literally everywhere, but she doesnt love me. She is always telling her friends stories about me and when they ask "Do you like your sister?" she saus No, I hate her, I wish we weren't even sisters"


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