1. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Nov 27 2018 14.29

    Hi everyone,

    We know that it can be really hard to say how you feel and that lots of you can find it easier to write things down.  But that’s not always easy to do either – to maybe know where to start or what to include.

    We have been working on different self-help tools on the website and one of them is a letter builder!

    We’ve created a letter template for you to tell someone what’s happening and how you feel, as well as a way to start the conversation about what you’d like to happen next.

    As always, we want to know what you think about it! We’d love to hear what you’d like to see added to the template, what you’d maybe change if we could make it more interactive – any ideas or suggestions at all!

    You can find it here



  2. Childline Avatar
    IZZZZZZZZZZZZY / Dec 14 2018 20.18

    i like your website im just asking one simple question which is can i trust you

  3. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Dec 18 2018 15.55


    Childline is a safe place for young people and you can talk to the counsellors about anything at all! When you talk to them, most of what you say is between you and Childline - it's a confidential place and you can find out more about what that means here:

    The message boards are also a safe place where all posts are checked before going up - that's to make sure that things are kept friendly, respectful and welcoming. We have house rules  and those make sure that no one shares too much information that could make them unsafe.

    We hope that helps but you can read the different boards and see how things work and talk to the counsellors and ask them some more about how they work - they are always happy to answer questions! We're really glad that you like the site!

    Take care,


  4. Childline Avatar
    Mehhhhhhh / Dec 23 2018 1.01

    Why does childline only give the advice tell an adult

  5. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Dec 24 2018 11.41

    Hi Mehhhhhhh,

    Our letter builder is on the asking an adult for help page - a page that's there for those young people who are maybe thinking about talking to an adult, for lots of different reasons and maybe aren't sure where or how to start.

    There's different advice across the site, including self-help info and the amazing support other young people offer here!

    If you 've any thoughts on the letter builder too, we'd love to hear them!

    Take care,



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