1. Heart
    GlitterSprinkles / Mar 07 2018 22.40

    Just before 10pm on 07/03/18, I had a 1-2-1 chat with Susie from Glasgow. She was absolutely wonderful, I've had a real tough few weeks and was at breaking point when I came to chat to Childline, and she was nothing but lovely.

    Please, if you can, could someone please pass this on to her? She truly was brilliant and a massive help, and helped me to settle down before sleeping.

    Thank you Susie!

  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Mar 09 2018 15.28

    Hi GlitterSprinkles,

    We would love to pass this feedback on for you - it made me smile reading how much your chat helped and really sounds as if you and Susie just build up this relationship that allowed you to feel calmer.

    We're sure she'll love to see this too!




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