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    xxtayxx / Mar 02 2018 23.15


    So long story cut short, I have been suffering with depression for a few years now (I'm 15) but I have always managed to complete school work and do reasonable okay with school, but my GCSEs start in about 12 weeks and I can't find the motivation to revise. Truth be told, I am going through one of my darkest periods of depression I have ever had, and the stress I am putting myself under about these exams isn't helping at all.. It has got to the stage now where I create a plan of things I need to do the next day, then when I wake up, I can't get out of bed.. I can't make myself do it, because to be honest, it has reached the point where I can't see the point of it. At all.. I don't really see a future for me at the moment, so when I think about revision and exams, I really don't see the point in them at all. This makes everything so much worse as I want to do well, but I feel hopeless and unmotivated and nothing seems to work. I don't get my work done, which makes me hate myself more than usual and it sucks.. So, I ask you, please help.. If anyone has advice or anything on how I can push through and achieve what I want to, it would be a massive help! Thanks

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    DUMBBLOOD / Mar 04 2018 4.20

    Hello! I’m very sorry to hear about what you’re going through! I went through a very similar situation right before my exams last year- here’s some of the tools I used:

    1 Its important to let your parents know what’s going it’s honestly so good to have support from the ones you love, even if they don’t entirely understand.

    2 once you’ve talked, get as much help from them as possible; Me and my mum sat down one evening and made a timetable. Literally every moment of day was planned out from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. We stuck this on then fridge so that everyone in my house had access to it so could see what I was supposed to be doing and help me to do it. Even simple things like run me a bath or make a sandwich if I hadn’t eaten. You might not need it so In depth, and if you don’t you could always put a copy of your revision timetable in a communal place and ask for encouragement to complete it- if you’re struggling on your own, try revising with people, you’re more likely to commit and it helps with isolation which we so often feel when we’re depressed.

    3 speaking of revision timetables don’t overload yourself. Overall my timetable was pretty basic; I’d focus on about 2-3 subjects a day in half hour intervals. Because i struggled to concentrate. E.G. it might’ve looked something like this:

    Maths 30 mins French 30mins BREAK (30mins) Maths 30mins French 30mins. breaks are important. It gives you a chance to refocus. Look for good & bad! try to avoid revising similar subjects consecutively. The idea behind this is that you’ll be able to recall the information better as it is not all jumbled together. 4Just remember to take things slowly. You still have 3 months dont over think things. speak to your school they might be able to help!

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    xxtayxx / Mar 04 2018 16.08

    Thank you, I will try and give them a go

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    daisy--chain / Mar 05 2018 9.04

    Hi. You seem to already have received some useful advice, I just wanted to add a little bit. I did my GCSEs last year and I felt the same. I found it very hard during the exam period, and the worst thing I did is not tell anyone. A teacher, a friend, a parent, just someone who could support me. But if you haven't applied for college or sixth form, that's okay. You have a lot of options. Just have a look through what your school offers in sixth form, and other schools. What makes you happy? What is one thing you love to do? Do that. Maybe you can get an apprenticeship, or do a college course. Find that thing you enjoy, and make it your goal. Make it a goal to know as much as possible about it, or pursue it as a career, anything.

    Find your passion, and aim to get it. Measure what you need for it. Maths, English Language, and one other GCSE is usually what employers want. That's your reason. Your reason is so you can do what you enjoy.

    I hope this helps. If not, I'm sorry. I can really empathise with what you're going through, and people are here to support you.


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    xxtayxx / Mar 05 2018 19.29

    Thank you

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    Ginger2k18 / Mar 18 2018 22.48

    Honestly I don't thinanyone can really be motivated to revise (I certainly can't anyways but that's just cuz I'm a lazy ginger XD) but I've tried to mtimes revision timetable and stick to it that takes me up to 7:15 every night EXCEPT for nights which I have hobbies etc. I feel like breaking it up so that you can have free days to enjoy life atonnage nagger are good - if you don't have a hobby, get out there and find yourself one! Personally, I love guitar and any other kind of musical aspect as it lets me escape from school stress and what not, maybe you should try something similar so that you're not constantly thinking about exams (at least that's what I try to do). Hopefully this helped you at all? But honestly, don't worry b, it'll all be sweet in the end <3


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