1. Wallflower
    Megs13452 / Mar 01 2018 21.29

    who here gets hwk- its proves bad teachers becauce they cant teach us enough in the lesson!? i hate it and its wrong- opinoins??

  2. Top dog
    tea-and-biscuits / Mar 06 2018 19.23

    I disagree slightly (sorry!) because homework gives you the chance to work on your own time schedule. The length of the school day is arbitrary - if they didn't give you homework, they'd have to make the lessons longer, which would give you less time to spend doing after school clubs or whatever you like doing. At least by giving you homework instead, you can balance it around your other commitments, choosing a time convenient to you to do the work.

  3. Chatterbox
    daisy--chain / Mar 09 2018 15.21

    Hi. Homework can feel stressful and if there's a lot at one time it can feel overwhelming and difficult to do it all on time. But it's also a chance to learn the content and see if you understand it, and if not you can talk to your teacher to get help with it.

    If you can't deal with all the homework you have at the moment, then try talking to a teacher or a member of staff at your school. They can help you manage it and find a way to get it all done without the stress.

    Personally I don't mind homework too much, as long as it is given in small doses. If I have a lot of work to do at one time, I kind of shut down mentally.

    I hope this helps.


  4. Dreamer
    Thundered51 / Mar 21 2018 22.48

    Honestly, get used to it. Unfortunately it's not going away any time soon and your workload is only going to increase.

  5. Childline Avatar
    -Poyo- / Mar 26 2018 22.13


    My school doesn't give homework (only happened few times a month), and I have to say that it's awful. I am not a nerd butI have a lot of plans for my bright furure (oh, yeah...) and I like studying for some subjects. Homework is great for practice because during classes you learn and honework helps the information to stay in your head fo a longer time. Also, if you struggle with homework teachers think that you would tell them, so they can help you. Homework helps teachers to also see how you understand the material. Moreover, it just prevents you from waisting your time on social media and internet (that is my hugee problem) and if you do the homework well and stay focused you will find that it helps you a lot to do better on exams.

    Usually people who have trouble with homework have bad time-management skills (like me). They procrastinate a lot rather doing the homework or projects on the day they are given it, right after school. Therefore the workload keeps increasing and finally causes panic and stress. If you do all of your homework on time and stay focused, not being destructed by anything but you still find it stressfull, you need to go and speak to a teacher. They cannot know about the problem if no one tells them.

    Anyway, good luck with homework, it will only increase every year!

    Booii, I hope this helps you.



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