I hate the intelnet and modern society

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    StrangersRcoolKids / Feb 27 2018 8.38

    Rap music, exxcessive wear of sport clothing, internet memes, dont you think that today's teens and young adults are just screwed? My younger brother is obsessed with a that. He listens to Big Shaq and plays roblox and is always on his laptop. Memes usrd to get me hype and become that sort of modern person, but now I'm more laid back. I want to like ice hockey, auto sports and skateboarding. Going online too long is like staying in bed with a headache and chapled lips while eating the same thing over and over again.

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    MiawMiaw1234 / Feb 28 2018 20.38

    i see where youre coming from and i feel the same way. i mean, some stuff like memes really upset me. some people make fun of autism, which my brother has and is affecting his life. along with guns, terroists, and drugs.

    social media effects lives too. we keep on seeing all these models with ’perfect’ features, and waaay too many obnonxious stuff like selfies.

    i just spend most of my free time reading books or drawing. i completly agree with everything u said.

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    StrangersRcoolKids / Mar 02 2018 13.42

    I have some mental disorders like depression, anxiety, bdd and yes, legally ASD. It is very mild and not many people know about it. As a kid, I was always a loner and could never fit in, however, i was quite smart for my age. I coulndt use the toilet until I was 5-ish, and in primary school i had very bad handwriting. In year 5 i couldn't stop stimming vocally, because when i got annoyed I would uncontrollably start singing. I was not only bullied, but also told off by the staff. I went to a mainstream primary school, but in year 7 i started to attend a special school for all ages. I find it slightly uncomfortable when people believe that crazy famous people like lady gaga or pewdiepie are on the autism spectrum


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