My version of my skincare routine

  1. Bursting
    ForgetMeSneaky / Feb 25 2018 22.50

    I use:

    Agemtum (its french and expesive)

    Pure face wipes


    hand cream

    if u have a simular routien tell me!!!

  2. Nose dive
    MakeYourOwnMagic / Feb 27 2018 18.57

    skin care is super popular now! i have never seen anything like this before. it is so simple but so perfect. sorry for being really annoying, but what is Agemtum, does it go on your face? sorry i am just super interested!


  3. Flower
    Succulentsis555 / Aug 10 2021 8.26

    hi! im not a skincare expert but i like to reasearch skincare and ive found that using makup wipes can be really hard on your skin, if you would like an alternative then you can use a micelar water or foaming cleanser!

    as for my skincare routine:

    i use a foaming aloe cleanser

    then a micelar water

    then a moisteriser

    then a tea tree target gell


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