Don’t let failure drag you down.

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    PqkChoiAndCurry / Feb 25 2018 1.02

    This may sound stupid or it may not. I have been through times where i had become very determined to do something but I ended uo failing. Example, I have been doing YouTube for 5 years now (since this post) and i have not gotten much success. I have bene very determined to try and reach my goals but i always fail. At last now, after all the stress i have been through i have started to gain a audience and have some publicity.

    My message to everyone is that you should never give up on your dreams and keep pursuing ot no matter how hard it is. If you want to become it then work hard for it. Be determined but dont stress yourself, Work hard and stay positive an dyiu will reach your goal someday. Think of the wealthy buisness men/womens who have made a fortune because of their determination. Keep pursuing your dreams and never give up!


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