Life can change for the better. 😊

  1. Explosion
    CoquiSong / Feb 20 2018 18.59

    i just wanted to post about my birthday celebrations yesterday and how different my life is now im in care and in a safe and healthy environment. Before things werent so great for me but im lucky that i did have love in my life and so it wasnt all terrible like some people have but like a lot of us on here it wasnt a good environment.

    I have been in care just over a year and in school for around the same amout of time. i had been taught home schooled in way before this so hadnt had a school life or easy opportunity to make friends.

    this isolation in my early life has made me a bit ‘stand out’ a bit diferent from many people added to that I now live in a different country and i have an accent so i stand out in my school. there isnt anything wrong with being different and im sure a lot of ppl here can relate.

    In about my second week of school I made a friend and we are still great friends and for a while it was me and her and her friends but over the year i have made other friends and i didnt think much of this until yesterday when a big group of them came to a birthday meal and then to watch me play a open mic session at a (all ages friendly) music based club in the city i live in its a prestigious venue although small and it was a surprise as i didnt know that particular group of my friends (including my music tutor from out side school as i go to a gifted program at a local university for my music lessons) were going to be there we got there they were there with my guitar.

    im so lucky to have these friends and these opportunies and people to care and notice me and to help me in my life, im lucky to be getting a good education and have people help me progress.

    if i can have a life that is as good as i do now i think it might give hope to others.

  2. Artist
    Glitterowlie-Windstorm / Feb 21 2018 10.09

    yayy so happy for you

  3. Small
    Milaaaaaaa- / Feb 22 2018 10.54

    this is so good!

  4. Explosion
    Glitterowlie-Windstorm / Feb 21 2018 10.09

    yayy so happy for you

    CoquiSong / Feb 26 2018 22.13

    thank you so much it means a lot to me

  5. Explosion
    Milaaaaaaa- / Feb 22 2018 10.54

    this is so good!

    CoquiSong / Feb 26 2018 22.13

    thank you this is kind of you

  6. Reaching out
    ChildlineHost / Mar 14 2018 12.56

    Hello CoquiSong

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and feelings. This could be really helpful to lots of people to see that things can change and that with the right support things can begin to feel more positive. It is really good to hear that your birthday was such a happy and good experience for you and you were able to spend it doing something you enjoy with people who mean a lot to you.

    No matter how things are going, good or bad, we are always here to support you.

    Take care


  7. Childline Avatar
    200202 / Mar 17 2018 11.23

    Im so happy for you! I have also experienced having a very difficult life but by giving it time and reaching out for help, i have managed to come to a time in my life where i am happy and content. theres always going to be difficult days/weeks but if we all hold out hope things will get better!


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