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    Satorii / Feb 17 2018 13.26

    I'm in year 11 and doing the new gcses so i have less coursework but i still have it in English, graphics and food tech. englsih is one of my worst subjects I'm dyslexic and find it hard. i just cant do my coursework i have 3 or 4 left to do and i just cant i got o write it and i just sit there staring and the laptop nothing to write. one was due last week and i just sent in a rubbish version which wasn't even enough words i have another one due in today but i cant do it. i have a similar issue with graphics its 50% of my grade and its due in 3 weeks i have virtually nothing i got a A* in my mocks but my course work is non existent so i might not even pass. i just get so distracted and don't do anything. i have my food tech course work due in 2 weeks and i have loads left. idk what to do

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    T2i3l4l5y6 / Mar 08 2018 22.41


    You should notify your teachers and tell them that you are struggling or tell you parents or maybe look online?

    Hope this helped

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    Ginger2k18 / Mar 18 2018 22.40

    Well I'm not dyslexic so I'm afraid I don'understandtour struggle however with my English I tend to struggle with using big words and often enough I get marks taken away due to this - my solution is creating a wordbank. Google a bunch of big words that you feel might be useful no matter what the topic is and try to incorporate them into your essays and what not. As for not knowing what to write, get a planning page and write down all of your thoughts that youfirst think of when you hear the topic, use these random thoughts and see if you can structure an essay with them. Sorry if this was of no hebuilt hopefully you try this and it works <3


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