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    Jjlonergurl / Feb 15 2018 17.25

    Recently, I was talking to my bff and she suddenly started becoming sad at a certain thing I said, and she isn't telling me what's up. I tried to give her a few days to cool down, but the next day we spoke we were just got into a huge argument.I think we were just feeling stressed and emotional, but we've never argued before and I don't really know how to make things go back to normal.Does anyone have any advice? Any tips or help with my situation would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, JJ

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    oliviaamaee1 / Feb 17 2018 23.15

    It can depend on what you think you have fallen out over ? But I mainly suggest if you have outher friends to hang about with them while she cools off you both might need tome to de - stress xx - liv x

  3. Lion
    KatieLxxx / Feb 20 2018 22.31

    ive been in a situation like this before. Either ask her privately if she would like to chat and fix things or hang out with other people in school etc. Dont worry! Friends come and go but you have to stay true to yourself and sometimes do whats best for you. Let us know how you get on, have a great week -Katie x


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