1. Loser
    LarsIsCool / Feb 13 2018 0.17

    Recently I've become obsessed with fire

    I've been burning paper in my room with a stolen lighter and I do this all the time

    I even get urges in the middle of the night to burn something

    I've burnt myself multiple times, both on purpose and accidentally

    I've also been having the urge to smoke, even though I have never smoked before

    I asked my friend about this and she said it sounded like I had pyromania

    I looked up symptoms of it and I have a lot of them

    Do I need help? And if I do how would I tell my mum?

  2. Comic
    rose6978 / Feb 28 2018 15.58

    W don't know how to help but we do know it could be a coincidence so try not to worry too much

  3. Small
    Bambi15 / Mar 02 2018 17.31

    maybe talk to your parent they know more and maybe they have went through it at tour age


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