Girls Can’t Do That

  1. Coolcat
    Eves07 / Feb 12 2018 22.18

    “Girls can’t do that.” I’m sick of it. I’ve been bullied because I was a girl who played football, doesn’t like pink, loves sport and does not want to play what many people lable as “girly games”. I don’t know how to react when this happens and it is rediculous now. Please can someone give me some advice on how I can be confident enough to keep playing football and out-run the boys in races. Right now I don’t know how to be confident enough to break the lable that girls have been given for hundreds of years.

  2. Childline Avatar
    blushyxox / Feb 14 2018 0.42

    i feel the exact same way its so annoying my best advise is to do what you like to do best ignore the haters because at the end of the day not everyone is into the same types of things

  3. Gamer
    Tyler2002 / Feb 27 2018 8.51

    I'm FTM so sexism is twice as worse. Before i came out, i was a SEXIST girly girl. I loved pink dresses and princesses and acted like a lady. My mother taught me all the lady etiquettes like crossing your legs. I was doing it so much that when i started coming out i found it hard to stol doing it. I hated masculine activities and saw them as boring, but now I enjoy masculine activities.


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