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    Syhann / Feb 10 2018 11.27

    Hey so i just got my mocks back yesterday and it was terrible. My mum and dad want to see it but im too scared as i revised so hard for months for these mocks yet im still doing badly. I just want to know if anyone has any helpful revision techniques and ideas on how to increase my levels of concentration and what i should stop doing that would do the complete opposite.

    Thanks xx

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    tryingtobehappy918 / Feb 13 2018 1.20

    When I did my mocks I failed everything - 2 months before my GCSE's!! I was so scared!! But honestly, the best tip I have for you is to get the app Quizlet, you can revise from your phone using flash cards! It's honestly the thing that got me through my exams! Xx


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