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    Syhann / Feb 10 2018 11.27

    Hey so i just got my mocks back yesterday and it was terrible. My mum and dad want to see it but im too scared as i revised so hard for months for these mocks yet im still doing badly. I just want to know if anyone has any helpful revision techniques and ideas on how to increase my levels of concentration and what i should stop doing that would do the complete opposite.

    Thanks xx

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    tryingtobehappy918 / Feb 13 2018 1.20

    When I did my mocks I failed everything - 2 months before my GCSE's!! I was so scared!! But honestly, the best tip I have for you is to get the app Quizlet, you can revise from your phone using flash cards! It's honestly the thing that got me through my exams! Xx

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    ItsLeviOsanotLeviosA / Mar 26 2018 19.35

    Definitely use Quizlet its amazing! But use flashcards theyre really useful!

    Ask for help and make loads of notes in class to revise from in the future. I spoke to a lot if teachers and they really helped me and my gardes started to improve.

    Hope this helps

    E x

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    emney2 / Apr 05 2018 21.14

    I finished my GCSE's in summer. In case you were wondering, my results were:

    Biology - A*

    chemistry - A*

    Physics - A*

    Maths - A

    English Lit and Language - A and A

    RE - B

    Spanish -A

    ICT - B

    Geography - A*

    Textiles -B

    Here is what you need to do to have the most successful and productive revision possible;

    Use the specification - Confer between your textbooks and the specification, and write notes on the specific points that the specification say you need to know Write your notes in the most basic form possible

    memorise facts - As you have already simplified your notes, you don't even need your textbooks anymore. The day before your exam, spend hours and hours memorising these notes. Especially for science exams, memory is th thing that can get you an A* . I got 3A*s in biology, chemistry and physics, so all of my sciences, because of this.

    Hope this helps :)


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