Feeling amazing!

  1. Childline Avatar
    hollyyhazel / Jan 03 2018 22.00

    I highly recommend replying and helping others to make yourself feel amazing. I felt annoyed and stressed a minute ago, but i’ve wrote a lot of reply’s to people’s problems and i feel like i am a help. Even though i’m no councillor, i know things about my body, do i was able to go on the puberty section and help those younger than me. I helped out on some ‘friends’ options, and tried my best with self harm stories. Itried the other sections too, both asking for and giving help. Now i feel so refreshed, knowing i could have helped someone. Try it ;)

  2. Prisoner
    111123 / Jan 05 2018 17.21

    i completely agree!!! feeling so much better

    frankie x


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