How I’m feeling today

  1. Coolcat
    CaitAbigail / Nov 15 2017 14.48

    i feel good. im in school. you should all feel good with me because yolo. dont ruin it for yourself. God loves you all equally, okay? good :D

  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Nov 27 2017 18.17

    Hi CaitAbigail,

    We're glad to hear how good you feel!  Do you have any things that really help you to feel this good - maybe you could share some things you try and the others could see if they help them too?

    All helping each other out!

    Take care,


  3. Coolcat
    CaitAbigail / Jun 20 2019 1.24

    hello, sorry for the slow reply! the things that make me feel this good are when i resolve arguments and listen to music. arguments are the worst and make me feel terrible about myself. the best thing to do is try your hardest to finish these arguments asap, even though it can be difficult. it can make you feel so much less stressed


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