1. Coolcat
    georgiepiexoxox / Jun 10 2017 9.05

    Is this sexual abuse?

    My name is Georgina and im 14 and last year i had a boyfriend he was 16 and i met him a few times before tje assualt happend. It was in december 2016 so i was 13,he made me touch him down there and i said i dunno i didnt give him consent no? Then he pushed himself onto me but i pushed him off and esapced.

    -G x

  2. Childline Avatar
    cookie2374123 / Jun 15 2017 7.08

    Hi Georgina,

    Yes that is sexual abuse if he didn't get any permiss from you. I suggest you talk to a teacher at school or a trusted adult and they will be able to help you. Having been through sexual abuse myself I know that it is really difficult to come to terms but you have to remember that none of this is your fault and you are the victim here.

    Hope everything is alright

    Amber xxxx

  3. Coolcat
    georgiepiexoxox / Jun 15 2017 20.15

    i dont trust people anymore,and i cant have people be near me or touch me.

    Hope your alright too xx

  4. Sheep
    funkypotatoe / Nov 07 2019 19.45

    hi, I hope your okay I have a friend who has been through sexual assault aswell so always remember that none of that is your fault and keep your head high xx


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