Sexual abuse ???

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    Cupcakesandrainbows / Dec 03 2016 18.07

    Hi everyone,

    im 15 and im not sure if this is sexual abuse...It started about two years ago. I was at the football match with my grandad and his friend (His best friend from school). He started to subtley make suggestive comments. Half way through the match he held my hand under my scarf and asked if I was cold. I thought he was just being nice but was a bit confused. Through the began to touch me more and move his hand in between my legs etc. Afterwards he said if I ever needed somewhere to go after school I could go there as long as he was alone. In the car on the way home he sat in the back with me and started again but it was worse this time. I was too scared to say anything and tell my grandad. This has happened a few times but I still see him regularly. I don't want to upset my grandad by telling Him. Since then I have bad anxiety attacks and try to hide both things from everyone.

    what should I do? Xx

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    Childline-Host / Dec 08 2016 20.01

    Hi there,

    First of all I want to say well done for posting here.  It can sometimes be really hard to talk about these kind of experiences but you are doing the right thing talking about what happened and how it made you feel.  If anyone touches you in a way that you don't like without you giving your permission or consent, then this could be called sexual abuse and it should not be happening.

    Sexual abuse is not the fault of the person experiencing it but it is important that if you have experienced something like this, then you talk to somebody and keep yourself safe wherever possible.  How would you feel about talking to a childline counsellor about what happened?  I khow they would really like to support you to think about ways to keep yourself safe now and what you might like to do now to help you with your anxiety.

    You might also like to read the information here about sexual abuse if you haven't seen it already:

    Remember the board community is also here to support you any time.

    Take care,



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