Sexual assault

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    Fennnn / Nov 28 2016 0.42

    I was sexually assaulied by my ex boyfriend a year ago now. But I feel like it's recently only become real, I thought everything was fine and I'd forgotten about it but recently I've been having flashbacks and I can't sleep. I've recently got into a new relationship and I trust him with everything but I'm not sure how to tell him I don't want him to feel like he has to worry about me all the time because it's not his job to but he's the only person I can talk to. Some of my friends know the basic bit of what went on and they don't take it seriously they always bring it up joking around and its just making me feel worse and worse. Ive also found out some information about the boy and how since he's assaulted more girls which makes me feel so bad because I could've stopped him and it's my fault if I had told somebody the other girls would never be in the same position. I really don't want this to ruin my new relationship and I want to sort it out now I know the best thing is to tell my boyfriend I just need to figure out how😕

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    Jas-Host / Dec 02 2016 14.26

    Hi Fennnn,

    Sometimes, things can affect us later on and in a way that we maybe weren't ready for or didn't expect and it's really good that you can write about what happened.  None of this is your fault and it's not ok for others to make any kind of jokes.  When you are thinking about talking to your boyfriend, it might be about planning out what you'd like him to know and then thinking over what that might feel like to say and how you think he might react.

    All of that is definitely something you can do with the counsellors - sometimes, talking to them can help you decide what feels right to say too as well as having support with everything you've been through.  This page talks about asking an adult for help but some of the tips and ideas can help with any type of conversation you want to have. This might help to look at too

    Take care,



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