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    jordyun / Nov 25 2016 19.41

    hi everyone my names jordan. im a boy and im 12. basically i was forced into having sex when i was at someone i knows house. the person who made me is a adult. im not really confortable talking about it but i know the person wants to do it again and obviosly i dont want to. i wanted to ask how did people get around how akward it is to talk about stuff like this and who would be a good person to tell. i feel akward but i dont want it to happen again so i dont think i have a choice but to tell someone. i just dont know who or even what to say

    thanks for any help

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    blue-haired-dyslexic / Nov 26 2016 14.22

    I would definatly tell a parent or family member, if that's not an option (because you don't feel comfortable doing it) I would call childline (like the actual line) and talk to one of their concelers about it because they'll know what to do. Alterntivly you could tell a teacher at school, or a friend and ask them to tell someone. you don't need to be ashamed about what happened, just remember you are in no way in the wrong in this situation.

    what they did was in no way okay, and I'm really sorry that it happened to you. I hope things get better and you find the corrage to tell someone.

  3. Childline Avatar
    jordyun / Dec 01 2016 19.17

    thanks for the reply and advice. ive decided to tell a teacher and ive written a letter. im just trying to find the courage to give it to her now

  4. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Dec 02 2016 14.37

    Hi Jordan,

    Being able to write your letter is such a huge step and we're so glad that posting on the boards has helped you work out more about what you want to do.  It can take time to build up courage and that's maybe where talking to a counsellor could help too?  You could call, email or have a 1-2-1chat and talk about all the different feelings you have around giving your teacher the letter and all the things you think of her saying.

    You can post here too and have all our support.

    Take care,



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