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    Sparklyunicorn52 / Nov 24 2016 3.13

    when I was only 7 years old I was beat friends with two of my neighbours, another 7 year old girl and the other neighbour a 9/10 year old boy. We used to go to each other's houses all the time and play all day. Until one awful at when it all started, the other girl was out with her family so I had gone next door to plag with the boy, he said to me, "hey,wanna play a really fun game" so I said yes, He then proceeded to pull down his trousers and pants, then pull down my skirt and knickers, he then proceeded to rape me, I had no idea what was going on but just wanted him to stop and eventually he stopped and then he threatened me saying if I ever told anyone he would kill me, he also told me if I stopped coming to his house he would kill me . I belived him, I went home and acted as normal as I could, my seven year old mind scared and confused. This abuse continued whenever the two of us ended up alone together and I so desperately wanted to speak out. one day after about a year of abuse, I did. And it all stopped, this boy was found out to have serious mental issues (I won't go into that part) and he never touched me, spoke to me or anything again. i some counselling and moved house so I had a much needed fresh start. Now about the other girl, before I told everyone what was going on, I had noticed changes in her, she was scared and seemed off, it turned out that she was being abused as well, she also had counselling and managed to get back, mostly to her normal self.

    see, after you suffer from sexual abuse, you are never quite the same again, but you can Be happy again, even though it might not feel like it now, you can survive. stay strong. Nearly seven years on, I am still here, I have been able to move on, I don't think about this every single day anymore

    i am me

  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Dec 02 2016 14.17

    Hi Sparklyyunicorn52,

    You've been through so much and it's amazing to hear how you have been able to move on and while things aren't the same, that doesn't mean that they can't be positive.  Thank you for posting this and allowing us all to read your story.  Helping others to stay strong and to see that they too can be happy again is so inspiring.

    Saying I am me is very powerful and shows just how strong you are!

    Take care,



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