molested by cousin when 5

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  1. Childline Avatar
    devildevon / Sep 02 2016 23.06

    when I was 5 and 6 years old I was molested.

    so you should know every year until I was 6 once he would come to my house and stay for 2 weeks( he lives far away). When I was five he 'taught' me how to kiss, my first ever kiss.

    The second time he came we played guess the body part, at the time for homework I gad to be able to know the basics like eyes and nose,so that's what I thought was happening. NO.

    He told me to close my eyes, he took a while but then he placed my hand on his private place, and long story short, made me do

    stuff nothing with my mouth tho and no sex.

    I'm 12 now and I have just been having loads of flash backs, should I tell my mam Xx?

  2. Fixer
    Ellie3579 / Sep 03 2016 16.00

    I think you should deffinitely tell your mum, it feels good to not be alone when you have been through something like this , remember just because it happened in the past doesnt mean that it doesn't need to do something about this, if your mum and you are close im sure you will feel better when the issue has been adressed-hope this helped, be brave -kirsty ☺


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