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  1. Childline Avatar
    Alltaken / Aug 28 2016 9.55

    For anyone who is teen pregnant and/or a single parent: Not getting the support you want is hard, being judged constantly is hard. What is special is that you brought a beautiful child into this world. You didn't get an abortion? That is a big achievement! You should be so proud of yourself. Your child is your motivation and inspiration so don't you ever hate yourself for having a baby because that child is the reason your still fighting and going forward. Stay strong for the baby and most importantly for yourself. Your baby will grow up and see how amazing you are, how strong you are and how powerful your love for him/her is. You will be the biggest inspiration to him/her and nothing can beat the bond you both have. And if the baby's mother/father left you half way they will soon realise what they're missing.

  2. Outcast
    bitnerdy / Sep 01 2016 0.28

    that was brilliant, nothing like that is happening to me but I hope this has helped other people.


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