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    monicaisonline / Aug 26 2016 11.14

    ok so u might have seen my other post but this one happened when I was 11. I was at school and there was this boy I knew lets just say he was a friend. One day after school he took me to his secret hideout which was in his bedroom in his house we were home alone hanging out. Then he said come over here don't be shy, he said how can u have these ( my breasts) at 11!? Then he poked them then out my arms in a pillow and told me to strip completely . I really didn't want to but he took my clothes off for me (everything) then he got hid hand and got right up there and his other hand was all over my breasts. He had it with me.the next day he gave me a bra and some tight red pants. He pinned me against the wall and told me to meet him again I didn't but at the end of school he got me and took him over to his empty house again and made me wear the push up and tight pants then he made me have sex with him again. I don't know what to do now . Its become a daily thing and he keeps buying me lingerie that he calls s*xy . What do I do . Its daily and he only does it to me cuz I'm the only one in his class that has big breasts and wears a bra

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    singthing / Aug 26 2016 16.14

    As embarrassing as this may be

    Please tell one of these people


    Adult relatives


    Or childline people (as a last resort)

    How old is he???

    Please tell someone

    This is unacceptable

    I feel sorry for you

    How old are you now?

    And does he still force you to have IT?

    Chloe Xxx


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